How to Volunteer

Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity to make a difference in your community? You don’t necessarily need tax preparation experience. You only need a desire to help others.

Many volunteer opportunities are available. Opportunities range from greeters and e-file tax preparers to screeners and reviewers. Look over the various volunteer descriptions to determine which role is best for you, then complete and submit the VITA Volunteer Application form.

Get the joy and satisfaction of helping others by applying to join the VITA program! Your expertise will be appreciated more than you can imagine, and you can use this experience to build your resume and network with others with a passion for helping others.

How to Volunteer

Volunteer: Easy as 1…2…3…4…

1. Consider how you would like to help. Learn about volunteer opportunities here.

2. Apply. Complete the VITA Volunteer Application (available here).

3. Attend Orientation. (For new volunteers) Signup here.

4. Train and Certify. Complete the online IRS Link & Learn certification.


Complete an Online Application

Download a printable application

Download a Printable Application

Download a printable application